bbnet (not the wired)

There is not even a thought, or an invention, which is not common property, born of the past and the present. Thousands of inventors, known and unknown, who have died in poverty, have co-operated in the invention of each of these machines which embody the genius of man.

— Peter Kropotkin

bbnet is an off-the-grid collaboration network composed of a handful of small protocols that work together.

design principles

the design principles of bbnet stem from a desire to have small and fully comprehensible toolset for digital collaboration.

~neauoire, longtermism

~solderpunk, towards radically sustainable computing

~viznut, permacomputing

append-only logs in many distributed systems have a mechanism for truncating the log and agreeing on a summarized state. cryptocurrency-adj blockchains can't (don't?) because they want to keep all of the transaction history. for general purpose logs checkpoints are an important tool for controlling resource utilization in a closed distributed system. the adhoc variant that we need for mesh applications has similar needs. the network model is copied from secure scuttlebutt with some influence from NDN. I would like to see a hybrid system that optimizes for mesh networks where you can easily see randomly ordered and very late messages. I would also like to be able to support messaging between peers that are both offline a for long periods of time.


the sigils provide a simple vocabulary for referencing people and data within a distributed mesh network. these symbols allow users to annotate documents with opaque context which can only be resolved subjectively.

sigils spec


gemini protocol

getting started with gemini

simple archive format

base58check type-length-value encoding. possibly with an alternative binary encoding.



rlog is a file-based replicated log format based on the `.sar` spec above.



bbfs (WIP)

anonymous replication of arbitrary messages

BFS notes / concept

bbtokens (WIP)

bbtokens are an implementation of producer credits on bbnet. these can be used for games, IOUs, or as an alternative form of currency. please don't focus on the last bit, money is not the most important thing you can do with a linked list.



a network of private libraries. share information and collaborate with peers.

i would like to support transclusion somehow, but i'm not sure. don't want to break compat with standard gemini.


could be interesting to have a footer that shows inbound links. sort of wiki-like






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