;; > No soy pobre, soy sobrio, liviano de equipaje, vivir con lo
 ;; > justo para que las cosas no me roben la libertad.
 ;; i believe very strongly in decentralization, both in technology
 ;; politics. ui/ux engineer by day, maverick p2p researcher and
 ;; hard/software hacker by night. #heropunch holon and sunshine
 ;; gardens co-founder, general nuisance; friendly, but very honest.

(('face . )

 ('magnet-link "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3ae9e6addc327581481e6a945b39c6095f2388bf")
 ('style-guide . (/^xj9?$/ "she/here" "always lowercase"))
 ('blog . "https://infinite.ai")
 ('source . "https://sunshinegardens.org/git/xj9")
 ('fediverse . "https://social.sunshinegardens.org/users/xj9")
 ('xmpp . ("xj9 AT sunshinegardens.org"
           (7E69C692 95154FAF 4F34B403 65CF84AA
            BF082F18 E658FE17 FEA3B077 E2028210)
           (627FB267 75898CF8 23A73031 DBE2F8B1
            12D5AAF7 21603DCB C2E27CB3 68175008)))
 ('email . "xj9 AT sunshinegardens.org")
 ('scuttleverse . ("@GqsSW1pLJq5qUbJuDAtm7MwwOhpf+Ur6BfDH0kZKCJc=.ed25519"

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