Comrade Mobile

Earbud screen reader with a one-handed chorded keyboard, privately, aurally jacks you in with fully control and access to the entirety of the interoperable gopheric www.

Think about it... the fediverse streamed as a constant, steady machine read babble tapped into your inner ear. & in the other: a drone of your curated infotainment RSS feed - cut-up and filtered into an incremental reading battery to append to your ANKI spaced repetition review.

Wikipedia can be referenced, dictionaries and thesauruses recalled, 4chan lurked, notes taken, code written, your main machine ssh’d: anywhere, spontaneously, surreptitiously - with no interactive facility occupied beyond a single ear and single hand, and no worn hardware necessary beyond a basic set of earbuds, a pocket computer and whatever controller pad.



ideally this would run a headless tomo/9front image with a custom shell designed for the unique user interface. dev versions may run the shell on tomo/linux.


fits in a cargo pocket. size is based on meme pant as a reference point. size should be easy to adjust during the build phase. input via chorded keyboard on surface. output to bluetooth headphones (via some open source text to speech engine) or haptic morse code using a vibe motor. interface is a special-purpose shell. epaper display can be used to indicate network status, battery level, &c. possibly could take some inspiration from pwnagotchi becaue cute and useful.

per tracker standards, mesh networking is accomplished over multiple cooperating channels. lora for long range messaging including: control surfaces, mesh negotiation, directional radio/light beam alignment, and p2p sms. wifi for medium-range, high bandwidth messaging and internet overlay. gsm is optional, but required to use traditional sms.


blocked on modular workbench project


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