what does wealth have to do with quality of life? off-grid self-sufficiency just has to be cheap and easy enough for people to pull off independently. get people out of the scarcity grind and into the reality that abundance is possible right now.

we don't have to wait for the world to change. we can build a better world: starting today.

regional workgroups are organized by local volunteers. contact xj9 for details and write access to this wiki.


we hang out in a few different places on the internet. heropunch hosts a (growing) number of libre web applications. feel free to sign up and use anything you need. most of the conversation is happening on patchwork in the #heropunch channel and on matrix.


xmpp spec compliance


we operate a number of independently managed federated social networking sites. most of these are open to the public, check the individual terms for each site for more information.


  • metasearch engine (searx)
  • mumble voice chat server mumble://

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