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we aspire to create a large-scale decentralized organization for tackling problems at any scale. which is to say, it won't be a single organization. rather, a tesselation of fractal organizations that are capable of collaborating and operating independently as needed.

the walkaway project itself is not a formal organization and its associates are not bound by any operating agreements. regional groups may wish to organize under a cooperative corporation to simplify ownership and tax administration. while we hope for a world that has no need for government and coercion, we do want to play nice with the powers that be so that we can focus on developing easy to use self-renewing technology. all of our work is in the public domain or equivalent.

the walkaway handbook is a technical document

political alignment disclosure

The great communism vs. capitalism, politico-economic world stand-off assumes a fundamental inadequacy of life support to exist on our planet. So too do the four major religions assume that it must be you or us, never enough for both. Jointly the two political camps have spent $6.5 trillion in the last thirty-three years to buy the capability to kill all humanity in one hour.

walkaway is a grey tribe movement. we are not left wing or right wing we are hackers, solarpunks, and indivudualists. everyone is welcome to our tech. we do not wish to be part of any conflict. we seek autonomy through knowledge above all else. scientia potentia est is our battlecry. this wiki is our fucking manual, please read it.

if you are upset that we aren't picking sides, consider the following.

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