the walkaway project has some ambitious goals, but we also realize that one holon can't do everything alone, nor do we want to. decentralization is important on every level. our focus is on sharing and organizing information, but we are aligned with a number of groups who are also building a free and decent future.

very talented research groups

The Thought Emporium

The Thought Emporium is a research and education collective focused on the development and exploration of technology. We pride ourselves on taking an interdisciplinary approach to solve problems in science and engineering.

Four Thieves Vinegar

People are disenfranchised from access to medicine for various reasons. To circumvent these, we have developed a way for individuals to manufacture their own medications. We have designed an open-source automated lab reactor, which can be built with off-the-shelf parts, and can be set to synthesize different medications. This will save hundreds of thousands of lives.


High-quality low-cost open source medical hardware that makes a difference

We believe in creating and sharing hardware that is easily accessible and can be manufactured in low-resource settings. Hundreds of our devices are already in use around the world.

Totalism Hackbase / CHT hackbase / CHT is an infrastructure project in Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain), researching, developing & practicing the transitional technologies, theory, tactics and arts of post-capitalism.


Emerge is an independent, non-profit media platform highlighting the initiatives, individuals and ways of thinking that are sowing the seeds of a new civilisation.

We are exploring how to act wisely in a world that seems out of control. We aim to explore the emerging cultural narratives of our time by collecting useful content from across the web, profiling change makers and thinkers, publishing thought-provoking commentary and producing original videos and podcasts.

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