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by creating a viable prototype for opting out the default scarcity economy and documenting our work, we can inspire people to take what we've learned and run with it. we can share knowledge and build better, cheaper, and more reusable tech! the overall problem is absurdly complex, but if we can find a way to have a swarm of autonomous communities tackling different aspects of it in parallel, we have a much better chance of finding workable solutions.

— xj9, foreward to the walkaway handbook

walkaway village

walkaway village

i don't want to play your video game (i want to walk away)

the goals of the walkaway handbook are stated quite plainly. we believe that knowledge is power. in order to share the knowledge that can give people the tools to engineer their own liberation, we plan to construct a prototype eco-village to explore the practical issues of depending on DIY micro-infrastructure. we are willing to assist our comrades in their struggles as much as we are able, however, to put it plainly, we have little-to-no confidence in conventional leftist strategies to resist neoliberal capitalism. sometimes the correct tactical move is to step away and regroup. we walk away in order to find new ways to exist harmoniously with nature, to develop an alternative lifestyle which is deeply connected to the local ecology.

nature is abundant, but within the context of modern industrial society there is very little nature left to work with. in a word, we are walking away from the dominator culture that birthed us to create something new. we are attempting something different because cyberpunk happened anyway, despite the struggle against it. we have hope still that our future is not one dominated by mega-corporations and oppressive socioeconomic conditions, but we do not believe that hope lies in default. if we are successful, we hope to invite our friends and family to join us. we hope to heal ravaged cityscapes and transform them into beautiful, productive, green spaces. we hope to inspire others to do the same.

envison an economic system based on cooperation and pluralism, not co-dependence

to be very clear, this is what we have in mind for sunshine gardens. however, we also believe it is important to embrace pluralism. there are a lot of different ways to tackle the looming challenges before us. we must learn from nature to become robust, diverse, and cooperative. there isn't a single trick to fixing the world, we desperately need to figure out how to mesh a variety of approaches into a holistic alternative. we need to cultivate friendships and communities. we shouldn't stand in anyone's way.

for this reason, we take special care that all of our work will be documented within our library system. the handbook is entirely in the public domain, there are no strings attached. if you have a different idea of what walkaway should mean, please pursue it! settling on a single definition and agreeing on a standardized plan of action is not part of our ethos. we wish to inject massive amounts of chaotic goodness into this world. perhaps this is unsettling, you're welcome to agree or not, but i ask that you please don't try to stop what we are doing. it wouldn't make a difference anyway, the wheel is already turning..

1: walkaway.wiki

due to some ethical concerns about the applications of technology, we are limiting access to the research library to friends and neighbors who agree with our social contract. please do not use our work and our technology to do harm. swear it and we'll take you on your word.

social contract