# re: a miscommunication

it seems folks have the wrong idea of what sunshine gardens represents.

i don't want you to follow me. i want you grow some initiative and do your own shit with your own family and friends. i'm here to show that things are possible, not to lead you anywhere. there are people on the *net who are part of my family, who are welcome. you know who you are. if you aren't sure, probably you need to think about starting your own eco-village project.

Doubtless, we've been through this
So if you want to follow me you should know
I was lost then and I am lost now
And I doubt I'll ever know which way to go
i do appreciate the support we've recived from the community and i don't plan on shuttering any of our services. some things will need to change to make sure that this aspect of our mission is expressed clearly. we do want to build a digital community of solarpunks to share information and experiences. we DO NOT want to have a centralized concept of an eco-village built around this community. diy eco-village as part of a planned host migration i will be moving the tilde site to walkaway.wiki. i will set up both http and gemini redirects to avoid breaking existing links, but you will need to log in using the new walkaway.wiki hostname. this will be a new host and there will be a nice server message coming from sunshinegardens.org repeating this information for a while after the migration. i hope you will continue to support our mission and understand why this change needs to happen to support the decentralization of the walkaway project.

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