walkaway handbook

we are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. cyberpunks and pirates. chaotic spectres hauting cyberspace. engineers, artists, hackers. we are digital freedom fighters. our goal is to apply our skills to create new, cheaper ways for people to work and play together.

"punchdancing heroes", heropunch manual

this handbook is a prototype-in-progress for a next-gen peer-to-peer wiki system

our goal is to create a solarpunk "library of alexandria" that lives in a distributed mesh, which makes it next to impossible to delete or destroy. most of the projects in this version of the handbook are focused on hard/software, networking, and communication protocols. as we grow we hope to contribute more original research in other areas including bio-tech and botany and provide useful indexes of work happening in other research orgs.

solarpunk gear

solarpunk gear

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access to the entireity of the handbook is limited to interested and aligned parties only. contact ~xj9 or another admin for access to our research and the community forum.

— xj9, entering the dark forest

login with feddy

we will be rolling out "login with feddy" for a limited list of domains who's terms of service and culture are compatible with our social contract. our current short list follows. please contact a sunshine gardens admin if you feel your instance should be on this list.